Katie Barlow

Artistic Director

Katie Barlow graduated from Alfred University in May, 2011 with a BA in theatre and a minor in dance. She has created many site specific pieces as well as choreographed and performed for AU Dance Theatre. Under the direction of D. Chase Angier and Robert Bingham, she concentrated in composition, contemporary modern, and site specific dance. As an involved Dance Place intern in Washington, DC, she assisted with Coyaba Dance Theatre, was the studio rental coordinator/office manager, as well as a performer of African dance.

Katie is inspired to create performance work based on community collaboration, mass, movement from site, happiness, spontaneity, and life experiences. She finds a community, site, or structure that strikes her as being misunderstood, ignored, or that has played a significant role in her lifetime. Each of these reasons causes her to explore that site or community. She then finds the history behind it, the memories made, or the potential that she can bring to energize an area.

As a choreographer and director she has created many performance pieces: Alfred University Site Specific Pieces (2009), Camp Starlight Choreography (2010 & 2011), Contagious Shift (2011), Katie Barlow’s EPIC Senior Dance Project (2011), B-SENsational Flash Mob (2013), Icona Pop Flash Mob (2013), Alfred University Opening Convocation Flash Mob (2013), Pimple (2013), and Binghamton Is NOT Boring Flash Mob (2013), Colonie Centre Mall- Marriage Proposal Flash Mob (2014), JCC Flash Mob 101 Class Series 1-6 (2014-present), Destiny USA-Marriage Proposal Flash (2015), Ventosa Vineyards- Wedding Surprise Flash Mob(2015), Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Wasn’t Enough- KNOW Theater (2016)