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$5 Free Style Dance Class @ JCC Binghamton

Mondays 7:00-8:00 pm April 6-June 29
Ages 18 & older $5M/NM per class

If Monday has never been your favorite day of the week, it’s about to be now! With $5 Free Style, choreographer and director Katie will have you shaking your hips and learning new dance moves you’ve never thought you had in you. Get ready to have a positive start to your week with a fun and energetic class that will leave you wanting more. Instructor Katie Barlow.

To register please call : (607) 724-2417

Girl Power Dance Class @ JCC Binghamton

15SGIRL Tuesdays 6:30-7:30 pm April 7-May 26
Girls ages 12-15 $48M/$60NM

This dance-fitness class is for girls ONLY! Over these 6 weeks you will work together as a group to learn 2 dances, with the final performance being an original flash mob performed in Broome County! Let’s turn those can’ts into can’s and those dreams into plans! Instructor Katie Barlow.

To register please call : (607) 724-2417

Flash Mob 101 Dance Class @ JCC Binghamton

15SMOB Thursdays 6:30-7:30 pm 6 weeks / April 16-May 21 $48M/$60NM
A lot of hard work (and working out) goes into creating a flash mob and we want you to know about the whole process from beginning to end. We welcome anyone to participate! It’s all about getting physical, having fun, trying something new and bringing a positive change to our community. Just think about it, you get to dance and have a great workout at the same time! Here’s the twist, the flash mob location will only be revealed to those participating. Let’s get dancing! Must have 10 participants to run class. Instructor Katie Barlow

To register please call : (607) 724-2417

Wedding Surprise Flash Mob

20 performers needed with dance experience
Performers with gymnastics and breakdancing experience needed

Location: Geneva, NY